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Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

How Islamic State is turning on its own

Seized documents appear to show Islamic State scholars have sanctioned the harvesting of human organs. Paul Chapman reports.

Islamic State leaders are stealing organs from jihadists to raise money. Picture: AFP/Safin Hamed

ISLAMIC State is turning on its own by extracting human organs from fighters to sell on the black market.

Organs were recently stolen from 85 fighters while they rested in hospitals in Nineveh in Iraq.

Iraqi TV network Alsumaria News reports the organs are being transferred to international gangs through Syria.

It is believed a medical unit belonging to IS stole organs, including kidneys.

Alsumaria News reports the terrorist organisation lost the revenue it was making from oil after it failed to keep more than half of its territory in Iraq, which was seized in 2014.

The terrorist group is hoping it can earn money selling organs. According to Alsumaria News, fighters were cut open while injured in the hospital.

Initially IS was just attacking civilians for their organs but now anybody who enters the hospitals controlled by the terrorist organisation is at risk.

A source told Alsumaria News it wasn’t just the injured who had their organs extracted, and Islamic State leaders also preyed on the dead.

It is believed the organs are taken from bodies that enter the IS hospitals and they are thrown in a pit after the extraction.

Islamic State fighters are turning on their own and are extracting human organs from fighters to sell on the black market. Picture: AFPSource:AFP

It was discovered in a document in December last year Islamic State approved the harvesting of human organs.

“The apostate’s life and organs don’t have to be respected and may be taken with impunity,” it read in the document.

“Organs that end the captive’s life if removed: The removal of that type is also not prohibited.”

In February News Corp reported Iraq’s ambassador to the United Nations said bodies with cuts and missing kidneys and other body parts had been found in shallow mass graves.

Ambassador Mohamed Alhakim said dozens of doctors were executed by the terrorist gang if they refused to help with organ harvesting.

In August News Corp reported Islamic State was also taking the organs of Syrian refugees and would grant them access to Europe as a result.

The organs were taken from refugees in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp, controlled by Islamic State.

“What IS is doing is if refugees want to go to Europe, if they don’t have enough money they are given the option of selling a kidney,” Griffith University academic Campbell Fraser told News Corp.

“That serves as a passage to Europe for five family members. The family gets no money and the traffickers sell the kidney for $60,000.”