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Charles Manson death imminent: reports

January 10, 201711:40am

Charles Manson: Cult leader to killer2:18

The story of Charles Manson, a notorious cult leader who ordered devoted members of his ‘Family’ to slaughter a number of people, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate

  • January 5th 2017
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Charles Manson, pictured in court in 1986, is close to death according to reports. Picture: AP

CHARLES Manson is closing in on death’s door, a source familiar said on Monday.

“I don’t think he’ll be around too much longer, but he is able to talk in his current condition,” the California Corrections Department source told the New York Post, referring to the infamous cult leader’s health crisis.

Last week, Manson, 82, was taken out of Corcoran State Prison in California’s Central Valley and rushed to a hospital in Bakersfield about 100km away for emergency surgery to stop his intestines from bleeding, sources told The Post.

But doctors decided not to perform the procedure because they believed that Manson was “too weak” and could potentially die while under the knife, TMZ reported.

Manson was then shuttled back to the prison, where he’s currently being held, sources said.

Manson has been battling a mystery illness for months from inside a California penitentiary and was first rushed to a hospital off prison grounds months ago.

According to The New York Post, Manson has been in and out of prison fighting a “undisclosed” illness.

“He’s been getting treatment at that hospital for a while. I was told months ago they removed him from the prison for an undisclosed illness,” a Corrections Department official told The Post on Wednesday.

Charles Manson would be 92 when he is next up for parole in 2027.

Charles Manson would be 92 when he is next up for parole in 2027.Source:AP

TMZ first reported that Manson was rushed from California’s Corcoran State Prison to the ER to get treatment for gastrointestinal issues. He was reportedly taken to Bakersfield hospital — about an hour away from the jail.

According to the LA Times, a source said Manson was seriously ill. But they did not provide any further information.

Manson, who was a menace to society on the outside, has reportedly been an “unrepentant” and “incorrigible” inmate while serving his sentence.

The LA Times reported the murderer was repeatedly cited for behavioural problems, including hiding mobiles and a hacksaw in his cell.

It’s also alleged he was cited for assault, repeated use of a weapon, threatening staff and possessing a mobile.

He was convicted for masterminding the August 1969 murders of seven people, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate, and two other people on separate occasions.

He is serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole.

His next parole hearing is slated for 2027 when he will be 92.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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