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Saturday, December 3rd, 2022

NATO’s ‘how-to’ tank-trap guide

January 10, 201710:54am

Just in case you need to know … NATO has released a video detailing how to halt advancing tanks in their tracks. Here soldiers take part in the NATO military exercise ‘Iron Sword 2016’ north of Vilnius, Lithuania. Picture: AP

Jamie SeidelNews Corp Australia Network

NATO has joined the YouTube ‘do-it-yourself’ brigade — detailing how to trap advancing tanks just days after a US armoured brigade arrived to reinforce Eastern Europe.

The minute-long video, complete with wire-frame graphic guides and drone footage, was uploaded yesterday. It is titled “how to stop a tank using felled trees”.

The accompanying screed explains the technique, where large trees are felled to create an impassable obstacle and branches are cut into spikes to make their removal difficult.

The video explains the idea dates from Roman times.

NATO: How to stop a tank

It even has a name: An abatis.

“It is still an effective tool in modern warfare when done correctly,” the video states.

The footage shows Canadian and US NATO engineers wielding chainsaws during the military training exercise “Iron Sword 2016” in Lithuania last year.

Such obstacles can force advancing armoured vehicles to take longer routes, as well as trap them in a confined space to make a follow-up attack easier.

KALININGRAD: Russia’s Baltic fortress aimed at the heart of Europe

Moscow’s occupation of Crimea in 2014, involvement in the insurgency against Ukraine and increasingly hostile stance against Eastern European states has prompted a significant redeployment of NATO troops to states such as Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland.

The largest such movement so far happened at the weekend, with a US armoured brigade offloading its tanks and troops in Germany en route to Poland for major exercises next month.

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