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Sex accused ‘would be beaten to a puddle’

January 10, 20171:25pm

Australian man extradited to Polk County on child abuse charges0:51

Australian Christopher Lobban faces life in a Florida prison over child sex allegations after asking his long distance girlfriend to whip two girls for his pleasure. Courtesy: Fox13

  • January 10th 2017
  • 33 minutes ago
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Alleged Australian child sex abuser Christopher Lobban faces a possible life prison sentence. Picture: Steve Ferrier/Perth Now

Staff writers, wiresNews Corp Australia Network

A TOUGH-talking US sheriff has celebrated the arrival in Florida of accused Australian child sex abuser Christopher Lobban after a five-year extradition battle.

Lobban, 59, of Perth, allegedly had a “spanking fetish” and gave instructions from Australia over the internet to a girlfriend in Florida to handcuff two naked teenage girls to a “whipping bench” and video them as the woman struck the girls with leather paddles.

Christoper Lobban allegedly had a “spanking fetish”. Picture: Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Christoper Lobban allegedly had a “spanking fetish”. Picture: Polk County Sheriff’s OfficeSource:Supplied

“We’re pretty excited about him being back here,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said at a press conference in Florida.

“If it were ethical, moral and legal for you to see these tapes, you would want to go down there and just beat him into a puddle.

“It was that horrific.”

Lobban vigorously fought extradition and had remained in custody in Perth since his arrest in July 2011.

He has denied all of the charges brought against him.

Sheriff Judd never gave up on getting Lobban on US soil.

The sheriff released video of a tired-looking Lobban in handcuffs being booked into Polk County Jail after his extradition.


Lobban allegedly met his online girlfriend, Robin Pagoria, a former Florida prison guard, on the Spank-O-Life social network.

Pagoria was sentenced in a Florida court in 2013 to 20 years in prison after a plea deal with prosecutors.

Lobban, from his home in Perth, allegedly gave detailed instructions to Pagoria on how to build a “spanking bench” and use a leather paddle to beat the girls to fulfil his and Pagoria’s sexual desires, authorities allege. Pagoria allegedly videotaped the abuse and uploaded the videos to a website for Lobban’s review.

Robin Pagoria was sentenced to 20 years in jail for child sex offences. Picture: ABC Action News

Robin Pagoria was sentenced to 20 years in jail for child sex offences. Picture: ABC Action NewsSource:Supplied

“He saw them on video, and directed and critiqued how she would beat them in the future,” Sheriff Judd said.

“I see them equally (as) a threat.

“It wasn’t like she was submissive and just doing what he said.

“This was a little sexual game they played so they were equally involved.”

Lobban faces a long prison term in the US if convicted. He is charged with six felony counts, including two counts of promotion of a sexual performance by a child which carries a minimum sentence of 25 years’ prison and maximum of life.

In a statement Pagoria told police she had been discipling the girls for “rudeness and “disrespect, back talk.”

According to the statement she hit the girls around 50 times with the leather paddle, purchased from eBay.

Pagoria told police, she would stop for five seconds between striking the girls again for “maximum burn”.

She said she recorded footage of the spankings on her mobile phone.

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