Thursday, April 25th, 2019

Marionette Puppets Draw Children’s Smiles in Gaza

At a kindergarten, Mahdi Karera, who describes himself as Gaza’s first marionette-maker, put on a show about the importance of reading.

An opening song-and-dance number featuring a clown, a cook, a teacher, a boy and a girl, drew cheers and laughter from the young audience.

Seniman Palestina, Mahdi Karera membuat Boneka Marionette atau wayang bertali guna menghibur anak-anak Gaza

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Karera, 39, told Reuters:

“There has never been a marionette theatre in Gaza. Puppets have a role: they entertain people – children and adults. They promote positive values and change negative ones.”

El teatro de marionetas llega a una escuela infantil en Gaza. “Las marionetas tienen una función: entretienen a adultos y niños y promueven los valores positivos”, dice su creador, Mahdi Karera. A los más pequeños parece que les ha gustado la idea. (Foto: Reuters)

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He added:

“I am strongly attached to them, they are like my kids.”

Karera, who said he taught himself how to make and operate marionettes, has created 30 puppets out of wood, foam, plastic and metal wire in a workshop on his home balcony.

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