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Monday, February 6th, 2023

Protesters storm Bahrain embassy in Iraq, raise Palestinian banner

No one was hurt in the standoff that lasted more than an hour and later in the night Iraqi security forces were in control of the area. Iraqi troops were deployed around the compound in the late hours of Thursday.

Iraqi security forces stand guard near Bahraini embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.Credit:AP

Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Saad Maan said 54 people have been detained for taking part in the attack..

The Bahraini diplomats were evacuated earlier from the compound into the heavily fortified Green Zone that is home to the Iraqi government headquarters, after the mission received threats, the official said.

The two-day workshop in Bahrain that ended Wednesday was to promote the Trump administration’s $US50 billion economic support plan for the Palestinians ahead of a Mideast peace plan, to be announced later.